Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE) is a nationwide network of local chambers from every state in the nation. We help local chambers of commerce and their member companies navigate and prosper in the clean energy space. Founded by local chamber executives, CICE's Advisory Council is comprised of chamber CEOs and senior staff. 

The Kansas City chamber wanted to be involved in CICE because there is strength in numbers. The opportunity to connect with other chambers that are doing the same thing has been a great learning opportunity for us. I think CICE really provided that collective clout that a chamber needs to be successful and I think we’ve seen that pay off already.
— Cathy Bennett, VP, Public Policy & Programs, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce
CICE is a very earnest and sincere effort to take best practices and scale them wherever they can be scaled so we can address our job as chambers of commerce in our communities to be ahead of what businesses need and make sure we have reliable, affordable, sustainable energy.
— Doug Luciani, President, TraverseCONNECT (Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce)
I think the communication platform that this organization has is fantastic in terms of highlighting best practices, best policies, ways that chambers can utilize good, clean energy and energy efficiency measures in their communications themselves.
— Ryan Evans, VP, Business and Community Relations, Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce
By serving as a catalyst for change, CICE really helps spoon feed local chambers information that can help make us successful, but also helps us articulate the message on why clean energy matters to business, why it matters to our communities.
— Christy Gillenwater, President and CEO, Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce