• Lancaster and Harrisburg Chambers Eye Economic Opportunities in Clean Energy

    Local Pennsylvania chambers and their members learned about the importance of energy diversification to include clean energy sources during a recent gathering in Hershey, PA.
  • Worcester Chamber CEO Uses TV Platform to Encourage Energy Savings

    A local chamber in Massachusetts uses Charter TV3 to highlight how the chamber’s 2,300 member businesses can save money with energy efficiency.
  • GE’s New $1 Billion Energy Business Shares Limelight with Local MA Chamber

    The Newton Needham Chamber in Massachusetts recently celebrated some of the area's top clean energy innovators including GE at it's annual Green Business Breakfast.
  • NC Chambers and Military Focus on Clean Energy Growth—and Why That’s Good for National Security

    During a recent visit from Ret. General Eickmann with the Military Advisory Board, local North Carolina chambers learned the importance of clean energy as it pertains to national security.
  • New Video Series!

    "Chambers Across America: Catalyzing Economic Growth Through Clean Energy” features more than a dozen local chamber of commerce leaders from across the country who are helping their member businesses thrive in the clean energy space. Watch now!
  • Introducing the Chamber Solar Challenge!

    At a recent MACCE conference, Chris Cooney, President and CEO of the Metro South Chamber, announced a new Chamber Solar Challenge that promotes friendly competition among local MA chambers to see who can install the most solar.
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