• New Bedford Chamber Hosts Dialogue on Growing Job Potential of Offshore Wind

    “We are excited by the job and investment growth that offshore wind development could offer to our member businesses and community,” said Rick Kidder, President and CEO of the 1,000-member New Bedford Chamber.
  • Two Mid-Atlantic States See Close to Half-a-Million in Revenue from Onshore Wind Farms

    Virginia's first onshore wind farm comes to Botetourt County: expected to generate $20 to $25 million in state and county tax revenue.
  • Economic Development Opportunities in Clean Energy: March 2017 Update

    Helping local chambers of commerce and their member companies navigate and prosper in the clean energy space.
  • $400 Million Project Delivers Jobs, Investments, and Tax Payments

    Amazon’s latest wind farm was built to power data centers outside Washington, D.C. But North Carolina’s local communities spanning Pasquotank and Perquimans counties are reaping direct economic benefits.
  • “Clean Energy and Economic Development Go Hand-In-Hand,” says Chamber CEO

    With an eye toward its potential for attracting investments and jobs, the Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber is about to welcome the development of a first in renewable energy: a test site for capturing the vast energy of the ocean’s tides.
  • Dollars and Jobs from Wind, Solar, and Energy Efficiency

    At the Ohio Chamber of Commerce Executives meeting, Paulding Chamber's Peggy Emerson shares her story about the $200 million investment in wind energy that has been made in her community, where local farmers welcome turbines as a new “cash crop.”
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