• Ohio Local Chamber Leaders in the News on the Economic Benefits of Newly Resumed Clean Energy Standards

    Toledo Blade: Ohio chamber leaders get it: the renewable energy standards help businesses and create jobs and investment opportunities.
  • More than 700 Local Chamber Leaders, Members Pursued the Economic Opportunity of Clean Energy in 2016

    Here are 10 highlights from our ever-growing Chambers-in-Action.
  • VA Local Chamber, Senator, and Military Eye the Clean Energy Opportunity

    At a recent event held at the Chamber of Commerce in Hampton Roads—the east coast epicenter of military activity—Sen. Frank Wagner spoke directly about the urgent need for Virginia to seize the economic development opportunities in clean energy.
  • NC Legislators, Chambers, Businesses Celebrate Clean Energy Innovation

    From Greensboro to Kinston, Fayetteville to Raleigh, local chambers, legislators and business leaders gathered this week to celebrate the state’s business and political leaders pioneering innovation in the clean energy space.
  • Ohio Local Chamber CEOs & Economic Development Directors Say Clean Energy Benefits Local Economies

    11 local chamber CEOs and ED Directors—representing 5,000+ business, call on Gov. Kasich and Senate and House leaders to reinstate Ohio’s clean energy standards.
  • Ohio’s “Heartland” Chamber Applauds New $300 Million Wind Project

    Amazon prepares for development of second wind farm in Ohio, this time in Hardin County where investment represents an estimated $300 million for the county.
  • 70 Carolina Chamber Leaders and Rep. Saine Discuss How to Seize the Clean Energy Opportunity

  • New Video Series!

    "Chambers Across America: Catalyzing Economic Growth Through Clean Energy” features more than a dozen local chamber of commerce leaders from across the country who are helping their member businesses thrive in the clean energy space. Watch now!
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