Greater Memphis Chamber Seizes “Clean” as an Opportunity for Business Growth, Cost Savings

The Greater Memphis Chamber is no stranger to creating a brighter, cleaner future.

Since 2014, the 2,200-member organization has taken the lead in an initiative known as “Memphis Clean by 2019” in partnership with the non-profit, Clean Memphis, which has a goal of making Memphis the cleanest city in the nation. 

More recently, after Amazon—one of the world’s top renewable energy purchasers—announced that they were accepting proposals for a new $5 billion headquarters, Memphis jumped at the opportunity to apply.

And, increasingly, the Chamber is working to help member businesses save money through energy innovation.

Phil Trenary, President & CEO, Greater Memphis Chamber

Phil Trenary, President & CEO, Greater Memphis Chamber

At the Greater Memphis Chamber, we have a commitment to economic growth for all,” said Phil Trenary, President and CEO. “And we recognize that the growing opportunities in clean energy are an important part of that mix for our members.”

One way they have done this, for example, is by working closely with the local utility, Memphis Light, Gas and Water, to promote energy workshops for member companies to learn how they can make their workspaces more energy efficient.

One well-known member company, IKEA, also recently installed the largest solar panel array in state of Tennessee. Companywide, IKEA plans to invest $2.5 billion in renewable energy by 2020, reflecting growing corporate demand for clean energy across the nation.

With the work being done to seize the economic development opportunities in renewables by the Memphis, Bartlett and Chattanooga Chambers, Tennessee could soon be a hub for clean energy development in the South.