Local Chambers Discover Something New about Their Members

“A lot of these businesses are members of my chamber, and I never knew they were big clean energy users. Can I have that list?” 

That was one of the most frequent comments heard during this year’s annual American Chambers of Commerce Executives meeting in Nashville, TN., at the Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE) booth.  

“A Who’s Who of Chamber Members: Who Are Top Clean Energy Users” was a surprise hit for many chamber leaders who discovered a wide range of mainstream businesses that have joined the ranks of the nation’s top clean energy users.  

Gone are the days when clean energy was of interest primarily to wind and solar energy companies. Now businesses across almost all sectors are purchasing clean energy, as price declines make clean energy the smart economic choice. 

Among them: Amazon, Avon Products, Best Buy, Campbell’s Soup, Dow Chemical, Ford Motors, General Mills, Home Depot, Smuckers, McDonalds, UPS, and Verizon, to name just a few. See the list here to learn if any of your chamber’s member businesses are among the top clean energy users.  

Reflecting a growing recognition that clean energy is also delivering jobs and investment income to communities large and small, 100 percent of local chambers surveyed also agreed that renewable energy and energy efficiency “make good economic sense and should be supported by good clean energy policies.”  

And check out this video of CICE’s Tom Bullock to learn more about the CICE network.