Salt Lake Chamber Launches Renewable Energy Tour

Long a leader in energy innovation, the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce launched a new initiative this month to showcase area businesses that are some of the country’s largest producers of renewable energy.

The chamber brought 50 business leaders on a tour through southern Utah’s Beaver County that included visits to two geothermal plants, a hydro facility, a wind farm, a manufacturing facility and a coal plant that is scheduled to be converted to natural gas. The tour also stopped at a high school renewable energy fair where students showed their achievements in renewable energy research.

The Salt Lake Chamber has for several years run an innovative program to help clear the region’s air by helping area business save fuel and reduce vehicle emissions. By helping to improve air quality in the region, the chamber says it has increased business attraction and retention in the Salt Lake area.

Interested in replicating the Salt Lake programs? A news report about the energy tour can be found here. A profile of the Salt Lake Chamber’s Clean Air program can be found here. The Salt Lake Chamber is online here.