Metro South Chamber Was an Early Leader in the Electric Vehicle Revolution


Now the City of Brockton is:

  • Recognized by MA Department of Environmental Protection

  • Adding its 14th EV to the municipal fleet

We wanted to make sure our community is always part of the innovative wave of the future,. We organized a ride and drive event with our partner to share the excitement of this new technology. Our city council member participated in the ride and drive event,embraced electric vehicles, and the rest is history. The city of Brockton is now adding its 14th electric car to its municipal fleet.

- Chris Cooney, President and CEO of the Metro South Chamber of Commerce


Chris Cooney, President and CEO of the Metro South Chamber of Commerce, embraced Electric Vehicles (EVs) early. He partnered with Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy to introduce EVs to his community and businesses through a ride-and-drive event back in 2015.

Massachusetts DEP Commissioner Martin Suuberg joined Mayor Bill Carpenter at Brockton City Hall last week to celebrate Brockton's leadership. See the Video and News Article

DEP's statewide program provides up to $7,500 per vehicle to purchase or lease plug-in electric vehicles, and up to $7,500 for charging stations. Suuberg said Brockton has received $120,000 in total under the EV Incentive Program (for municipalities).

If you would like to learn more about MA's incentives for EVs and charging stations please contact us at

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