Lawsuit Aims To Attract More Wind Investment and Development To Ohio

This week, a group of farmers in Paulding County (OH) and a wind industry association filed a lawsuit against the state of Ohio alleging that the General Assembly violated the state's constitution when it mandated a dramatic increase in the distance wind turbines must be located from property lines. The suit alleges that the mandate is unconstitutional because it was included in an "unrelated budget bill, which is against the ‘single subject’ rule.” Read News Article Here

The plaintiffs and other economic development leaders in Ohio claim that the impact of the "setbacks" has in effect put a moratorium on wind development and new investments in Ohio, stating "Every Ohio wind project under development has been abandoned or stalled."

Mikayla Pieper, Executive Director of the Paulding Chamber of Commerce, is a big supporter of the economic benefits of wind investment for her community. She is in the news this week commenting on the lawsuit:

Mikayla P..jpg

"Constitutionality of the provision aside, it's imperative that Ohio finds a way to improve the wind setback requirement to a distance that permits wind energy development," said Mikayla Pieper, Executive Director, Paulding Chamber of Commerce. "Opening our state for wind development will help attract business to our state, as well as create new opportunities for existing Ohio businesses. We look forward to the court's action in this case." 

Chamber leaders and economic development officials in communities across Ohio are actively supporting renewable energy projects that grow their tax base, develop a skilled workforce, and create new investment opportunities in their communities.

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