Local Chambers Seizing the Economic Opportunities in Clean Energy Featured at World Chambers Congress

Wendy Northcross, President and CEO of the Cape Cod Chamber, spoke about Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy before more than 1,000 CEOs and chamber leaders from more than 100 countries in Sydney, Australia, this September.

“More and more,” she said, “local chambers are at the table on important clean energy discussions all over the country. We know that big companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon want to power their data centers with 100% renewable energy; and Apple, GM and Walmart want to power their operations with renewable energy.”

Renewable energy, she added, is going mainstream in the U.S. “So it only makes sense for chambers to work with businesses and policymakers to help attract these investments and jobs to our communities.” 

She also noted that there is growing competition from wind, solar, technology and other trade associations that seek to recruit member businesses. “To stay relevant, to keep these members, we must be entrepreneurial. We must lead on innovation and cutting-edge economic development issues such as this one,” she said.

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