PA Local Chamber CEO Meets Legislators, Shares Support for Clean Energy

“There is no more important issue than energy,” Guy Ciarrocchi, the President and CEO of the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry, said after meeting recently with Republican State Representatives and business leaders to discuss energy innovation in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

“This issue impacts all of our businesses—and, their families, too. We support all efforts to create new technologies and clean energy,” added Ciarrocchi, former Chief of Staff to Lt. Governor Cawley.

Among the more than 800 member businesses of the Chester County Chamber is Exelon Corporation, the largest electric holding company in the United States, which has a strong commitment to clean energy.

“At Exelon, we believe clean affordable energy is the key to a brighter, more sustainable future,” the Fortune 100 company states.

The State of Energy Technology event, hosted by The Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic, featured Rep. Patrick Meehan (R) and Ryan Costello (R).

Among other energy innovation leaders addressing the invitation-only audience were: Ravi Barot, CEO of OxiCool; Brett C. Thibodeau, President and CEO of Dynamic Energy USA; Mark Schweiker, Senior VP and Corporate Development Officer of Renmatix; and Greg Wolfe, Founder and CEO of Fischer Block. All are advancing energy innovation that also advances economic development.