What We Believe

Business Must be Part of the Clean Energy Solution

American business has always led the world in finding innovative solutions and developing groundbreaking technologies, from the automobile and space shuttle to the personal computer and cell phone. Business innovation has shaped our world, and business will provide the innovative solutions to ensure America wins the clean energy race;

Clean Energy is an Economic Opportunity

Our dependence on foreign fossil fuels is a threat to our economy and our national security. We send about $1 billion dollars a day out of the country to pay for U.S. oil imports – mostly to countries that are not friendly to our interests. A new clean energy economy offers an unprecedented opportunity to improve our national security and grow our economy;

America Must Lead the Clean Energy Race

America is at a crossroads. We can either lead the clean energy race and reap the associated economic and security benefits, or we can cede our global technological leadership to countries already actively competing with us. The success of American business and the American economy has always been built on our market and technological leadership. America must lead, or others will. We can lead by creating the right incentives for American businesses;

Market-based Solutions Produce the Best Results

We support market-based solutions that allow businesses to find the most efficient and cost-effective measures to spur innovation, encourage investment, and advance clean energy technologies;

Clean Energy is an Economic Development Strategy

Advancing clean energy is an economic development strategy. All clean energy solutions that grow the economy and support the advancement of clean energy should be considered.