Join the Chamber Solar Challenge, Earn Non-dues Revenue

Hosted by the Metro South Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber Solar Challenge is a rewarding way for businesses to connect to solar installers. The Challenge encourages a friendly competition between local chambers to see who can help more member businesses go solar. 

Participating chambers can:

  • Earn $1K to $5K in non-dues revenue for each commercial solar installation,
  • Earn $250 to  $300 for each residential solar installation
  • Support local job growth
  • Provide members with a no-cost service that will save time and money
  • Position Massachusetts as a solar investment magnet.

he chamber with the most signed solar contracts through the EnergySage Solar Marketplace platform by January 31, 2017, wins!

The winning chamber will also receive:

  • Recognition as a leader by state officials, business leaders, and the media
  • Free Red Sox tickets
  • More! 

How to help chambers go solar

Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy will support participating chambers by helping them develop innovative strategies that help member businesses go solar and provide support throughout the solar installation process. 

The Chamber Solar Challenge is a win-win for Chambers, local businesses, and job creation in Massachusetts.  

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