Smart Grid Technologies Fuel Innovation in North Carolina

Pew-LogoA new study by the Pew Charitable Trusts shows North Carolina is climbing the ranks as one of the country’s leaders in clean energy investment. The state ranks third in private investment in clean energy at $2.6 billion over the last five years, and $1.2 billion for solar additions alone in 2013. Pew ranks North Carolina eighth nationally in energy and environment-related jobs, at 83,017 in 2011. The study identifies clean energy as including solar, hydro, biomass, waste heat, wind, geothermal, and marine hydrokinetic energies. North Carolina’s Renewable Energy Tax Credit for commercial, industrial, and agricultural businesses covers all of these areas as well as ethanol, methanol, and biodiesel.

North Carolina is second only to California in SmartGrid technology headquarters. SmartGrid technology coordinates every type of energy, switching to the most cost-effective energy at the moment.