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Solar Jobs Census 2015

The numbers are in! Where are solar jobs the highest? The lowest? Check out the interactive map:

Business Council for Sustainable Energy Factbook

It is a new era for American energy. In 2015, increased use of sustainable energy set the stage for a U.S. triple play of carbon reductions, cost savings and economic growth. The 2016 edition of the Sustainable Energy in America […]

American wind power jobs up 20% in 2015

Homegrown American Wind Power American wind power is growing quickly, with enough wind turbine capacity now installed to supply over 19 million typical U.S. homes with low-cost electricity. Every state is home to a wind project and/or a wind energy-related […]

Energy Expo Toolkit for Chambers

Is your chamber planning an energy expo? Our Energy Expo Toolkit for Chambers will help you find information on energy efficiency guides, state-specific financing and incentives, and other resources that you can share with your member companies.

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Report: Local Chambers as Change Agents

As the trusted voice for millions of American businesses, local chambers of commerce have shaped the economic vitality of cities and towns for more than a century. Today, local chambers are helping businesses address big challenges in our energy landscape: a slowly recovering economy, volatile energy prices, global competition in manufacturing and technology development, and aging electric grids. Throughout the nation, chambers are turning to clean energy and innovation as practical and profitable tools to address these challenges.

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Who’s Winning the Clean Energy Race? 2012 Edition

In less than a decade, clean energy transitioned from novelty products to the mainstream of world energy markets. The sector emerged not so much in a linear fashion as episodic—in fits and starts associated with the worldwide economic downturn, continent-wide debt crises, national policy uncertainty, and intense industry competition. Through it all, however, the clean energy sector moved inexorably forward, with overall investment in 2012 five times greater than it was in 2004.

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Innovate, Manufacture, Compete: A Clean Energy Action Plan

The clean energy industry is gathering momentum around the world. Innovation and investment are helping to reduce the cost of solar, wind, and other emerging technologies. Countries and companies are working to harness the economic opportunity associated with these new products, and deployment of clean energy technologies is accelerating globally.

In the United States, however, the outlook is less positive. Although the global future of clean energy is bright, the U.S. position in this emerging sector is beset by uncertainty. America is no longer the clean energy superpower, and its position in innovation, manufacturing, and deployment is challenged as never before. Clean energy initiatives supported by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act have expired, and other policies require urgent attention.

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