Here’s How Your Chamber Can be a Value Add to Member Businesses

Local chambers across the country are helping their members profit from energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities. Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy is a free, chamber-run information hub that helps you attract and retain members. We do that by helping you take advantage of the growing economic opportunities in the clean energy space. Scroll through the strategies below to find the ones that best suit your members’ needs and feel free to contact us to help you bring these opportunities to life:


Implement Clean Energy Transportation Solutions

Several new clean energy transportation technologies offer reduced traffic congestion, increased business for local suppliers, and a more enjoyable daily commute for employees. Working with city officials, identify clean energy options that are practical and cost-effective for your region, and will help identify your area as a clean energy leader, therefore leading to greater economic development down the line. Options include bike-sharing, electric vehicle infrastructure, electric trains, and high-speed rail, among many others.

Who has already done it? The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, Utah


Help Your City Replace Inefficient Technologies

Encourage your city government to be a clean energy leader by installing readily available, more efficient technologies at the city-wide level. Work with city partners and energy experts to study the economic benefits of replacing certain technologies, such as public lighting. Use this data to design a city-wide implementation plan, utilizing the products and services of local suppliers and installers. Once implemented, educate your members on the energy savings of these new technologies, and how they might adopt similar cost-saving measures in their businesses.

Who has already done it? The Greater Washington Board of Trade, Washington, D.C.


Set Energy Efficiency Goals for your City

Setting energy efficiency goals will help your region save money, while sending a clear signal to investors and clean tech companies that demand will be greater for more efficient technologies and clean energy services. Partner with your city government to establish bold goals for reducing the energy use of your city, including that of residents and local businesses. Work with local businesses to help them meet these goals, by sharing existing resources on how to make energy efficiency retrofits, connecting them with energy experts, and promoting the services of clean energy companies in your region.

Who has already done it? The Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce, Massachusetts