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Massachusetts Briefing Call for Local Chambers on New Energy Bill

MA Representative Thomas A. Golden and Senator Marc R. Pacheco will brief local chambers on the recently passed energy bill, what to expect in 2017 and what local chambers need to know.

This call will be co-hosted by The GREATER BOSTON, the CAPE COD & the METRO SOUTH Chambers.


Dial-in: (800) 791-2345, code: 26765

Why this bill is important for MA businesses:

The recently signed energy bill diversifies the state's energy supply by requiring utilities to purchase off-shore wind power and power from other clean energy technologies, such as hydroelectricity, onshore wind, or solar.  The bill also includes a provision to increase the use of energy storage technology.

The legislation aims to make the Commonwealth a leader in wind energy and storage technologies and paves the way for attracting new investment and jobs for the state.

An additional provision of the bill provides a commercial clean energy financing option (CPACE) that enables commercial, industrial, and multi-family property owners to access financing for qualified clean energy upgrades and repay through a property tax assessment.

The final bill was closer to the House version and didn't include the Senate's provision to increase the amount of energy from renewable sources. This sets the stage for more energy-related legislation next year.

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If your chamber or member business wants to get more involved in the current energy discussions, please contact Daren Cheatham at