energy sage Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy has partnered with EnergySage Inc. to help businesses use an innovative and user-friendly online solar marketplace to shop for solar.

Under the new partnership, EnergySage has agreed to make a donation – ranging from $250 for residential systems to up to $5,000 for large commercial systems – to the local chamber whose members install solar systems through the EnergySage Marketplace.

Through the partnership with CICE and EnergySage, chamber members will have access to the EnergySage Marketplace, a robust system that provides instant estimate of the costs and savings of solar with various financing options and the ability to include local companies in the price comparisons. Chamber businesses that create a free account on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace will receive quotes from multiple pre-screened and high quality solar installers, easing the process of shopping for the right solar system.

Check out the EnergySage portal here for more information, or the following resources which can be helpful for chambers and member businesses: