New Report: More Than 86,000 Pennsylvanians Work in Clean Energy

Clean Energy a Growing Part of PA’s Economy

Pennsylvania now ranks just outside the top 10 states in clean energy jobs.

From rural communities to urban ones, clean energy workers are a growing part of PA economy—with more than 86,000 clean energy jobs across the state’s 67 counties, according to a new E2 report.

Led by one of the nation’s strongest energy efficiency markets, the report finds that approximately 3 out of 4 clean jobs are in energy efficiency—with more than half of those in construction.

Here is a snapshot of the numbers:

Total PA Clean Energy Jobs          86,285

Energy Efficiency Jobs                   65,289

Renewable Energy Jobs                   8,714

Clean Vehicle Jobs                            6,749

Solar Jobs                                           4,777

Wind Jobs                                           4,125

Energy Storage Jobs                        4,125

Here are the state’s top spots for clean energy jobs:

PA clean energy jobs.JPG

Read the full analysis of E2’s Clean Jobs Pennsylvania.

Note: E2’s 2018 Clean Jobs PA report uses a different methodology than previous years’ reports. Prior analysis focused only on clean energy jobs while this year's report, based on the national US Energy and Employment Report (USEER), uses a comprehensive methodology that focuses on all energy sector jobs. This means workers who spend some of their time working with clean energy technologies like energy efficiency are not counted if they work primarily in sectors like fossil fuels, utilities, etc.