Ohio Economic Development Opportunities in Clean Energy: September 2017 Update

Catalyzing Economic Growth Through Clean Energy

Hope Still Blowing for Wind Energy in Ohio

"We could be winning on the economy of today and the economy of tomorrow if we would just unshackle renewable energy in Ohio." This is the sentiment of some Ohio legislators who say they will support new legislation this fall that provides a pragmatic balance between the economic growth potential of wind energy and property rights.  More.

Council Supports Wind Project Off Coast of Cleveland

Offshore wind development is coming to Cleveland and is anticipated to create more than 500 jobs and employ 8,000 by 2030. More.

Solar Is Boosting Farmer's Profits

"Anybody with an electric bill is a good candidate [for solar], especially owners of animal confinement buildings," said Sheldon Stutzman, solar consultant with Paradise Energy Solutions. More.

City Turns to Solar to Lower Peak Energy Days During Summer Heat

In an effort to help with high peak energy days, the City of Hudson is considering a possible new solar project that would provide a long-term hedge against future increases in energy, something many towns and cities could benefit from. More.

Akron-Based Company Wins $1M Grant to Develop Solar Storage

Greater Akron Chamber member, Echogen Power Systems, is partnering with a research firm to design and test a solar energy storage and power system thanks to a new Department of Energy grant. More.