Gov. Kasich Says It Is "Critical" That Ohio Develop Renewable Energy to Attract Business

When it comes to supporting economic development in Ohio, Governor Kasich knows a diverse, inclusive platform will help to propel the state forward. In a statement made after Facebook's announcement to locate its new $750 million data center in Ohio because of its support for renewables, Kasich said:

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"It is critical that we continue developing the renewables, because, believe me, at the end of the day, if the Facebooks and the Googles and the PayPals and the Amazons think that we are not committed to renewable energy, they will not come here. Period, end of story."

Facebook joins traditional Ohio companies such as Proctor & Gamble and Owens Corning that have implemented clean power procurement policies, and is now poised to help the state continue to stay competitive for investment from large Fortune 500 companies interested in renewable energy. 

Facebook's latest data center, which is expected to bring more than 100 jobs, will be built in New Albany and is expected continue to boost the state's growing technology sector. 

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