Local Chambers in the News: Catalyzing Local Investment, July 2017


Arkansas Solar Project

"We are thrilled to host the state's largest solar facility and help realize the benefits it can bring to our community," said Bethany Hildebrand, Executive Director and CEO of the Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce. The new project is expected to create 250 construction jobs and generate nearly $8 million in additional revenue for the county, with much of that going to public schools. More

Ohio Wind Development

"We represent both the promise of clean energy achieved and denied, since we have the largest wind farm built but others have stalled," said Susan Munroe, President and CEO of the Van Wert Area Chamber of Commerce. Wind energy is estimated to represent $4.2 billion in economic development potential for the state. More. 


Florida Solar Power and Efficiency Savings

"These new solar power plants are about more than just affordable clean energy. They're also delivering economic benefits right here, right now," said Brian Bergen, Vice President of Economic Development for the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce

Florida Power & Light recently began construction on eight new solar power plants that are expected to deliver 1,500 jobs and millions in ongoing savings. 


The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

recognized its member, Future Energy Solutions, with a 2017 South Florida Good to Great Award®. The company offers state-of-the-art energy efficient lighting systems, and lowered electricity consumption, at no upfront cost to qualifying business owners. More.

Virginia's $3.5 Million Solar Investment

"We are no longer in the business of convincing people that solar makes sense," Timothy Hulbert, President of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce, said about a $3.5 million solar expansion that will also create 50 new jobs. "We are now in the business of building the solar-related businesses that make sense." More

North Carolina's New Solar Project

"As a chamber, we are committed to fostering a thriving and sustainable local economy--and this new solar project will absolutely help us do that in ways that will enhance our community's quality of life," Josh Bass, President of the Currituck Chamber of Commerce

said about a new 2,000-acre farm solar farm that will deliver $500,000 in annual tax revenue. More


Nevada Chamber Supports 100% Renewables

The South Lake Tahoe City Council unanimously approved a resolution committing to a goal of 100 percent renewable energy by 2032. The  Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce spoke out in support of the initiative. More.

In Texas, a $1.6 Wind Investment

"We think wind energy is a long-term supply for us because it's not something we're ever going to run out of," Linda Morris, Executive Director of the Plainview Chamber of Commerce said in response to a $1.6 billion investment in wind energy. More.


Massachusetts Offshore Wind Opportunity

"We are excited by the job and investment growth that offshore wind development could offer to our member businesses and community," said Rick Kidder, President and CEO of the New Bedford Chamber of Commerce. "We also recognize that local chambers of commerce are the ideal places to host conversations about the new economic opportunities in clean energy and other dynamic industries." More.

New Jersey Responds to Changing Demand

"Customers' demands are changing," Ralph Izzo, President and CEO of New Jersey's largest utility, Public Service Enterprise Group, said at an event sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey. "They want more reliability, they want more resilient power, they want cleaner energy, and they want access to smart technology to better understand their energy usage -- all while keeping bills affordable." More