Greater Kansas City Named One of Most Improved Cities on Energy Efficiency

Boston Continues to Lead the Pack

Want to know why a place like Greater Kansas City made enough strides in energy innovation to become one of the top five "most improved" cities for energy efficiency in America, according to a new report?

Just ask Cathy Bennett, Vice President of Public Policy at the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. 

Cathy Bennett LARGE.jpg

"I think Kansas City is a hotbed of energy activity because it goes back to Midwest values. We're very pragmatic," Bennett says. "We have a number of business, good conservative-led businesses that are all about fiscal responsibility, that say energy conservation literally makes sense."

Some of the nation's top engineering companies are headquartered in Kansas City and active members in the Chamber. The Chamber has also been an active member of the City Energy Project, a national initiative to create healthier and more prosperous American cities by improving the energy efficiency of large buildings.

"The Kansas City Chamber supports innovative, practical solutions that cut energy waste, boost the local economy, reduce harmful pollution, and keep Kansas City a leading city in the Heartland," Bennett added.

The American Council for an Energy-Efficiency Economy identified Kansas City, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix as the five most-improved cities for energy efficiency in their latest biennial scorecard. Boston came in as the nation's efficiency leader.

Where does your city rank? See the scorecard here.