Video: New England Launches Nation's First Offshore Wind Farm

New England Launches the Nation's First Offshore Wind Farm in Rhode Island

Massachusetts is now positioning itself to capture significant offshore wind jobs and investment.

Please click the image below to see an exciting new HBO video about America's first offshore wind farm located in New England:

  • The Block Island Wind Farm in Rhode Island is the first offshore wind farm in the United States and competition is heating up among states on the east coast (from the Northeast to the Carolinas) to capture the investment in offshore wind and become the industry leader.
  • Massachusetts is well positioned to become the next state to build an offshore wind farm, but the state's goals are bigger than that - they want to dominate the offshore wind market. Last year the state legislature paved the way to achieve this goal by requiring the state's utilities to purchase a significant amount of offshore wind over the next decade.
  • Major offshore wind companies, such as Deepwater Wind, DONG Energy, Vineyard Wind, PNE Wind and Statoil Wind, are now at various stages of federal approval for leases off the coast of Massachusetts.
  • Earlier this year, Deepwater Wind opened an office in New Bedford and, along with other offshore wind companies, plans to launch the Massachusetts offshore wind industry from the South Coast.  After Deepwater joined the New Bedford Chamber of Commerce, the chamber organized an event to educate the local business community about the offshore wind industry. Read about the chamber event last month.
  • DONG Wind, the world's largest offshore wind developer, will open its U.S. headquarters in Boston at the end of April. 

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