North Carolina Economic Development Opportunities in Clean Energy: March 2017 Update

Helping local chambers of commerce and their member companies navigate and prosper in the clean energy space.

34,000 People Employed in $6.4 Billion Clean Energy Business, Census Reports

State renewable energy and energy efficiency businesses generate $6.4 billion a year in revenue and employ the equivalent of 34,000 full time jobs, according to a recent report by the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association. More

Local Chamber Leaders Tell President Trump Clean Energy Benefits Local Economies

In a recent letter to the President, a local NC chamber CEO and co-chair of CICE’s Advisory Council shared how local economies are benefiting from clean energy innovation. More.

$400 Million Project Delivers Jobs, Investments, and Tax Payments

North Carolina’s first large-scale wind farm located in Elizabeth City has the potential to create more than 500 jobs, more than $18 million in investment, and $1.1 million in landowner payments and taxes. More.

Amazon Wind Farm Developer: We Plan to Invest in More N.C. Renewables Projects

As the massive wind farm near Elizabeth City comes online, the developer behind the $400 million, 104-turbine project is looking ahead to future investments in North Carolina. More.

Pentagon Supports $400 NC Wind Farm

“The Navy is committed to working with developers to ensure that renewable energy projects are compatible with our mission and operations,” said Lt. Chika Onyekanne, a Navy spokesman. More.