Interested In A Free Electric Vehicle Charging Station?

If you would like an electric vehicle (EV) charging station for your chamber—provided at no cost to you—today could be your lucky day.

Duke Energy is investing $1.5 million to fund public EV charging stations for North Carolina chambers, non-profits, towns and cities through its EV Charging Infrastructure Support Project. Note: The deadline to apply is September 1, 2016.

A growing number of local chambers have begun taking advantage of the benefits of EVs, including saving money, showcasing their chamber as a leader in innovative technology, and providing a community service to visitors and regional businesses.

The Asheville Area Chamber pioneered leading by example when it installed two plug-in EV charging stations at its headquarters in 2013. And just last year, many New England Chamber Executives lined up for an EV “ride and drive” event at the New England Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives meeting.

With a goal of increasing public EV charging by 30 percent, Duke has committed to pay North Carolina chambers and other organizations 100 percent of EV installation costs up to $5,000 per charge port and $20,000 per site.

Apply here. For more information about the program, email

To explore how your chamber can participate in EV and other clean energy opportunities, contact Jennifer Behr, the North Carolina Senior Organizer for Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy, at 919.302.2185 or