Local Massachusetts Chambers in Action on Clean Energy: December 2017 Update

Rinus Oosthoek, Executive Director, Salem Chamber

Rinus Oosthoek, Executive Director, Salem Chamber

Salem Chamber Co-authors Op-ed in Support of Clean Energy in MA

"Residents, business leaders and civic leaders on the North Shore are uniting to call for a future powered by 100 percent renewable energy," said Rinus Oosthoek, Executive Director of Salem Chamber of Commerce. "Salem is leading, and the Statehouse should, too," he added. More.

Kathy Brady, Executive Director, South Windsor Chamber

Kathy Brady, Executive Director, South Windsor Chamber

Local Chamber Leaders Line Up to Drive EVs, Learn About Clean Energy Investments

At the recent annual meeting of the New England Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives, more than 40 local chamber leaders had the opportunity to learn about-- and drive-- new electric vehicles. "I never knew how many rebates existed for electric vehicles at the state and federal level and now want to have a ride-and-drive at one of our upcoming chamber events," said Kathy Brady, Executive Director of the South Windsor Chamber of Commerce. More.

Cape Cod Chamber CEO Talks Clean Energy at World Chambers Congress

"More and more, local chambers are at the table on important clean energy discussions all over the country," Wendy Cross, CEO of the Cape Cod Chamber of Congress, told over 1,000 chamber leaders at the World Chambers Congress in Sydney, Australia. "It only makes sense for chambers to work with businesses and policymakers to help attract these investments and jobs to our communities." More.

Bourne Tidal Turbine test site.jpg

Work Begins on Tidal Energy Site Backed by Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber

Work began last month on the Bourne Tidal Turbine Test Site, the first site in America to test innovative turbines that generate energy by harnessing the power of ocean tides. The Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber of Commerce played an instrumental role in bringing the test site to Bourne. More.

Join Chamber, Business Leaders for Offshore Wind Boat Tour

Join chamber colleagues and member businesses for a fun and up-close tour of the Block Island offshore wind farm and learn about the jobs and investments that offshore wind will attract to the region. Stay tuned for more information!