Letter: Local MI Chamber President to Chambers on State’s CPP Plan

Dear Chamber Colleagues,

As a local chamber, we recognize that energy efficiency and renewable energy deliver real economic development opportunities in communities like Traverse City and others all across Michigan. Last month, the Traverse City Chamber, as a member of the Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy Advisory Council (CICE now includes 400 local chambers nationally), called on states to make energy efficiency and renewable energy a strong part of state plans. Our Chamber welcomes the announcement from Governor Snyder that Michigan intends to file a state plan to comply with the US EPA’s Clean Power Plan. It is better for Michigan, rather than the federal government, to formulate its energy strategy.  We look forward to participating in the upcoming stakeholder engagement process. On behalf of our member businesses, we will bring the local chamber perspective to this discussion on economic development and clean energy.


Doug Luciani, CEO, TraverseCONNECT, Traverse City Area Chamber