MA Chambers Get High-Powered Briefing from Energy Secretary Matt Beaton and State Senator Marc Pacheco

Lots of information was shared on the recent briefing call with MA policymakers, here's a re-cap:

A large group of Chamber Executives and member companies from across Massachusetts joined our recent briefing call co-hosted by the Greater Boston and Worcester Regional Chambers of Commerce. On the call, Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environment Matt Beaton and State Senator Marc Pacheco talked with local chambers and member companies about the Commonwealth's priorities for economic development, clean energy, resilient communities, transportation infrastructure, and workforce readiness.

Sec. Matthew Beaton, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

Sec. Matthew Beaton, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

Secretary Beaton told local chambers about the Administration's participation in the 9-state regional Transportation and Climate Initiative. He emphasized that "the Commonwealth is proud to partner with Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states to explore a program to protect the health of our residents and build a more resilient and sustainable transportation system for the next generation." To learn more please see  Resilient Transportation System 

Sen. Marc Pacheco (D-Taunton)

Sen. Marc Pacheco (D-Taunton)

Senator Marc Pacheco unveiled his bi-partisan renewable energy bill An Act to Secure a Clean Energy Future (SD 757). This bi-partisan bill calls for expanding offshore wind; Increasing the growth of renewable energy to 3% per year which will put MA on track for 50% renewable energy by 2030; doubling the state's target for energy storage; more and better rebates for electric vehicles (EVs) and EV charges; and allowing homeowners that have installed solar panels to sell their excess electric power back to the grid (via credits on their bill) without penalty (this is referred to as net-metering). To learn more about SD 757 see Commonwealth Magazine and MA Bills

Resilient Communities - Supported by Governor, Legislators, and Local Chambers

We also learned that there is a lot of support for helping communities become more resilient as they experience more extreme weather events.

We heard about a new proposal by MA House Speaker Robert DeLeo called the  GreenWorks Resilient Communities Investment Plan to fund community efforts to install solar grids, electric vehicle charging stations, resiliency infrastructure, and more. 

Speaker DeLeo isn't alone in his quest to fund resiliency. Last month Governor Baker unveiled a proposal to raise money for resilient communities. See Gov Baker makes resilient communities a priority 

Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy will continue to update you on clean energy developments in the Bay State.  

If you are interested in becoming more involved in any of the above discussions (offshore wind, EVs, resilient communities, the transportation initiative, storage, net metering, renewable energy, energy efficiency), please contact Diane Doucette at Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy or Tom BullockJess Bergman will be out on maternity leave until July 2019.