New England Chambers Out Front on Clean Energy in 2016

More than half of all local chamber leaders in Massachusetts and Connecticut pursued clean energy in 2016 by meeting with lawmakers, engaging in new energy efficiency and solar energy programs, and educating themselves and their member businesses about the growing economic development opportunities in clean energy.

Here are five highlights from the year:

New Chamber-based Program is Growing the Number of Small and Medium-sized Businesses Engaging in Efficiency

Greg Reibman.jpg

Piloted at the Newton-Needham Regional Chamber in Massachusetts, a new chamber initiative led to almost 300 new businesses signing up for efficiency audits through the Mass Save program. More than 250 have already received an assessment and  more than 100 have committed to upgrades.

Said Chamber President Greg Reibman: “Reducing our carbon footprint is not just good for our planet, it can be good for the bottom line. I’m proud of our businesses here for the way they’ve embraced this initiative.” More.

Local Chambers Meet With MA Lawmakers to Explore Growing Offshore Wind Investments and Jobs

More than 50 local chamber executives and their member companies spoke with Sen. Pacheco and Rep. Golden to discuss the Act to Promote Energy Diversity. Of particular interest was how the legislation positions the Bay State to attract the investment and jobs associated with offshore wind. More.

Local MA Chamber Hosts a New Chamber Solar Challenge Program

The program, housed at the Metro South Chamber, has attracted commitments from more than a dozen other chambers to encourage their member businesses to purchase solar energy. More than 200 businesses have already shown interest. More.

26 Local Chambers in CT, and Governor, Show Strong Interest in Clean Energy

Breaking new ground, 26 local chambers of commerce, half of all local chambers in Connecticut, gathered for a conversation about clean energy with Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, the Connecticut Green Bank, and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

“We see clean energy as a great economic development opportunity that helps us retrain and attract businesses,”said Rich Brown, Vice President of the MetroHartford Alliance and event cohost. More.

Chamber Executives Line Up to Test Electric Vehicles

New England Chamber Executives got behind the wheel of a new Nissan electric vehicle at the 2016 New England Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives meeting (NEACCE) in New Hampshire. A growing number of local chambers are now looking into leasing electric vehicles, or getting a charging station to encourage more foot traffic to their businesses. More.