Local MI Chambers Open Energy Dialogue With Policy Makers

Local chambers in Michigan organized a luncheon and briefing with Governor Rick Snyder’s office to discuss the development of the state’s ten-year energy plan. Only hours before the Governor’s “State of the State” speech, his chief energy advisor, Valerie Brader, told more than a dozen chamber CEOs that the governor believes expanded energy efficiency and renewable standards will be a key part of the plan. Local chambers were encouraged to provide input into this key economic development opportunity for the state.

The program was co-sponsored by the Lansing Chamber of Commerce, the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce, the Saginaw Chamber of Commerce, and Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy. Co-hosts Tim Daman (CEO, Lansing Chamber) and Doug Luciani (CEO, Traverse City Chamber) shared their clean energy economic development projects with the Governor’s representatives and their chamber colleagues.

See Governor Snyder's video on setting goals for “No Regrets” energy future by 2025.