Grand Slam on the Economics of Wind For Local OH Chamber

Earlier this month, the leading newspaper in Van Wert County, Ohio, published a front-page story about the record high sale of farmland adjacent to two wind farms. “If anyone was worried that the value of farm ground in Van Wert County was going to fall after two wind farms were constructed in the area,” the newspaper wrote, “it appears they needn’t have worried.”

Several pages later, the paper carried an op-ed from Susan Munroe, President and CEO of Van Wert Area Chamber of Commerce. Munroe’s article – which also ran in two other area newspapers – told the story of Iberdrola Renewable’s Blue Creek Wind Farm and welcomed the economic development potential of wind energy.

“It doesn’t get much better than today’s issue of the Times Bulletin,” Munroe said. “The front page lead article covers the record-breaking auction sale of local farmland that borders Blue Creek Wind Farm, debunking the myth that wind farms bring down bordering property value. This article combined with my op-ed piece on today’s Opinion page makes it a good day for wind energy and economic development in Van Wert County!”

Munroe’s opinion article (as published in the Van Wert Independent) can be found here. The front-page story about the sale of farmland can be found here.