Local Michigan Chamber Plans Energy Audit Day

Demonstrating strong leadership, the all-volunteer Sandusky Chamber of Commerce in Michigan organized an “energy audit day” to help its member businesses save money by unlocking rebates, low-cost financing and other cost-saving measures available for implementing energy efficiency.

In a news release, Chamber President Sandy Miller said the chamber recognizes that energy is one of the largest costs for Michigan businesses. “Cutting energy expenses will help our member businesses be even more successful,” she said.

Miller said that the businesses that participated learned that they could receive 20 percent to 50 percent back on installation and supply costs for energy retrofit services by using approved contractors.

Incentives for adopting energy efficiency upgrades vary extensively by state and utility provider. The U.S. Department of Energy offers a web site portal called DSIRE that provides summaries of renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives. The site offers summary maps and tables and a search tool to help businesses determine which incentives and policies might apply to a specific project.

The Sandusky chamber can be found online here. The DSIRE web portal can be found here.