Ohio’s “Heartland” Chamber Applauds New $300 Million Wind Project

When Amazon announced last month that it would build a second wind farm in northwest Ohio, Jon Cross, president and CEO of the Hardin County Chamber & Business Alliance and Director of Economic Development, eloquently put the opportunity in perspective:

Big projects don’t “always have to happen in big cities,” Cross said. “They can happen in small communities like ours, courthouse communities that are an important engine of Ohio’s economy.”

The new wind farm, which is expected to become operational in late 2017, represents an estimated $300 million investment for Hardin County. It will also lead to a significant boost in local tax revenue for Hardin’s nine communities and its schools, said Cross.

“We’re waking up absolutely excited that Amazon will be indirectly a part of Hardin County.” – Jon Cross, president & CEO, Hardin County Chamber & Business Alliance and Director of Economic Development.

Located 60 minutes from Columbus and Toledo, the Hardin County wind farm will be Amazon’s second in Ohio and fourth in the nation. Learn more in The Columbus Dispatch.

Amazon’s first is going up in nearby Paulding County, where the $175 to 200 million investment is also good news for the Paulding Chamber’s Executive Director Peggy Emerson.

Speaking in a recent video, Emerson said: “Paulding Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to celebrate all of the renewable energy projects that we have going on. These are great ways for us to develop the economic benefits locally, and not only in our county, but the counties around us as well.”

Neighboring Van Wert County has experienced similar successes with Iberdrola’s Blue Creek Wind Farm, which began operation in 2012 and delivers $2 million a year in new revenue for schools and a steady stream of income for farmers.