American businesses have always led the world in finding innovative solutions and developing groundbreaking technologies. Today, local chambers of commerce are helping their member businesses engage in the fast-growing clean energy space.

In this section, you can explore more than 100 stories about how local chambers have developed projects that help their members save money, designed initiatives to attract capital and jobs, and supported policies that lead to economic growth through clean energy. 

Most recent stories:

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We’ve learned a great deal about how our community can work together toward a goal of reliable, renewable and affordable energy. Our chamber is committed to playing a leadership role in this critical conversation.
— Molly Hodgson, Executive Director, Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce
Our members are looking for ways to improve their operational efficiency and bottom line. And financing clean energy is often a critical part of the equation, empowering business to make improvements that drive real savings.
— Matt Kramer, President, St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce